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Life Coaching is about self-development. Life coaching is for people willing to achieve certain goals in life. The aim of life coaching is to help people achieve the highest level of happiness and success. Life coaches help their clients establish measureable goals, create action plans and break them down into achievable goals, and act as motivators. Life coaching is more holistic and takes into account other aspects of an individual’s life.

Reasons People Need Life Coaching: The most common reason is the desire for change.

  • To seek help in finding solutions to a problem or condition
  • To grow their business or career
  • To improve motivation
  • To become more self aware
  • To enhance lifestyle of quality of life
  • To develop strengths or talents
  • To develop self confidence

Reasons Why Organizations Need Life Coaching

  • To better manage business growth: A rapidly growing business requires attention as well as certain skills that the owner (s) of the business may not possess.
  • To facilitate organizational change
  • To improve individual and organizational performance
  • To help develop skills for executives and managers
  • Improve creativity, productivity, morale and employee retention

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