Business Assessments

Balancing the Five Components of your business will result in success. Isn’t it time for you to achieve exactly what you want out of your business?


Our Assessment of the Five Components of Growth

An business assessment includes a review of the five components that drive businesses to success. What we have found, is that most companies feel problems in only one or two areas. Therefore, we can focus on one individual problem area at a time. Usually this reveals issues in the other business components.

  • Capital/Finance – We review on the financial health of your business. What do the financial statements reveal about your business? Are they accurate? Are you leaking money? We can define your profit, costs, cash flow, and capital needs. We perform critical tasks such as valuations of your business, cash flow forecasting, and financial analysis. With our help, you can make informed decisions that will lead to improved profitability. We can connect you with our partners for working capital, equipment leasing, and capital investment.
  • People/Employees – Do you have the right people in the right positions? Are they energized to help you achieve your goals? If not, learn how to utilize their skills, energize them to achieve company goals, and compensate them to keep them motivated and retained. We address the organizational needs of your company, from developing compensation and benefit plans to coaching your executive team. We can help you staff up, motivate and train your employees, and structure your company for optimal performance.
  • Organization –We assess how you do what you do. We review what systems your business currently utilizes, provide assistance on improving and/or creating policies, procedures, and systems the optimize efficiency and save you money. We show you how you can improve your current processes and align your business with your core values.
  • Sales and Marketing – How well do you attract and retain customers? Customers are your biggest asset, if you do not have customers, you do not have a business. Let us help you identify customers, develop plans to attract customers, redesign pricing strategies, improve branding, develop marketing strategies, add social media marketing, develop ad budgets. Whether you need to enter a new market, promote your products or services, assess your customers’ needs, stand out from the competition, or adjust pricing levels to maximize profits, we can help.
  • Product or Service – You are in business because you have a product or service. How does it compare to the competition?  We can help determine how your company is performing, identify bottlenecks and take action to minimize them so that you rise above the rest.


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