Gordon Munroe

Gordon Munroe is a dynamic leader and a proven catalyst for change. For the past 30 years he has led premiere companies and helped some of the world’s biggest brands achieve peak performance with passion, creativity and inspiring those around him.

From reorganizing an evolving portfolio of 125 brands to strategic acquisitions Gordon successfully restructured and rebuilt organizations trough key insights that helped shape his core operating approach for future challenges in the wine business.

But building brands from the inside is only part of Gordon’s expertise. He has also been President of two of the most well-known and creative advertising agencies in the world. Gordon ascribes his success both prior and current to three simple actions – listening, inspiring and executing. He knows how to sell and how to build long-term relationships both internally and externally. He knows how to look at the big picture, make tough decisions, re-calibrate throughout the process and most importantly, take responsibility for the outcome. He currently serves on the boards of wineries and is a sought after and highly regarded expert on acquisitions, business development and brand strategy.

Gordon graduated from Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada with a degree in Business Administration. He attended the Banff School of Management where he studied Advanced Marketing and was trained in general management at the Unilever International Training Center in London, England.



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