Offsite Retreats

girl-in-chair-om-tulum-beach-thWe specialize in a variety of workshops and offsite specialized retreats. We work with a variety of small and large business do provide on site training and workshops to empower and get the most employees, and managers.

We offer retreats for individual entrepreneurs looking to meet like minded people and work with our business mentors and coaches. We also work with corporations in offering off-site work retreats. We find getting away from technology and outside of your comfort zone energizes people, offers them new and unique ways of looking at and solving problems, and we always leave with action plans and follow ups post event to monitor progress.

  • Life-altering workshops held over 7 days to take your business and your life to new heights
  • Accommodations- vary depending on group size (see above)
  • Three gourmet healthy family-style meals a day
  • Coffee, tea, smoothies & snacks throughout the Workshop days!
  • Group outings to Playa Del Carmen and Tulum (including your transportation to and from)
  • Private head shot photo shoot
  • Airport transport to and from the retreat
  • Did we mention perfect weather, the picturesque Caribbean beaches right outside your window, and being surrounded by the coolest people ever?

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