Business Growth Consulting

When you start a business, buy a business, or come to a crucial point in the life of your business, expert advice can make a difference in the future of your business.

Launching, growing or operating a successful business requires solid strategic planning and execution of business principle. We assist entrepreneurs by providing business expertise essential to planning, operating and growing a successful business.

Mira & Associates is focused on your business’ growth. Having worked with small, medium, and large businesses in all stages of growth, we have found that releasing energy within five components is the key to success.

  • Market/Sales
  • Finance/Capital/Accounting
  • Product/Technology/Service
  • Assess the Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Project Revenue & Profit growth
  • Provide Recommendations for achievement and implementation

The Five Components should be equally balanced for to be positioned for growth.


Whether you need to enter a new market, promote your products or services, assess your customers’ needs, stand out from your competitors, or adjust pricing levels to maximize profits, we can help.


We can help you staff up, motivate and train your employees, from developing compensation and benefit plans to coaching your executive team. We will structure your company for optimal performance.

Finance / Capital

With our help, you can make informed decisions that will lead to improved profitability. Understand your financial statements, capital investment needs, budget, cash flow and profitability.


We assess how you do what you do, what systems your business currently utilizes and provide assistance on improving and/or creating policies, procedures, and systems. We show you how you can improve your current processes, be more efficient and position your business according to your core values.


Your product or service is why you are in business. This is an area you know best and should be passionate about. We can help you understand your industry and improve the product or service you offer, and re-energize you about your product or service.


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