Great Reasons to have a Life Coach

There are many reasons that we feel we may need a coach.



1)  They evaluate our overall state of being.

In life there are times when we are at an impasse, a rut, or want to make a professional or personal leap. Because we are so close to the issue it can make us myopic. We keep driving at the issue from one direction. Have an outside professional consider your situation with you can open up a whole new range of possibilities and they can see the whole you.

2) They help you create actionable items and keep you responsible

One of the best experiences I have ever had was finally signing up with a trainer at a gym. I have tried many times to work out at a gym, the problem was I felt awkward and I lacked the expertise to actually use the equipment. By contracting a personal trainer not only did I select a professional coach I gave myself someone to be responsible to. I was forced to show up to the gym for my workouts as I did not want to let my instructor down. I ended up after 6 months losing 2 pants sizes and about 15 pounds.

3) They are dedicated to helping you

I think for some people the best reason to select a life coach is that they help you arrive at your goals, needs, and desires from an impartial perspective. In our busy lives sometimes what we need to make us complete or happy can challenge the idea of what our family or friends may want for us.  Sometimes we have skills and desires that are completely different  from how we are perceived. I know a 5’2, 110 pound EMT. Many times the first thing you think is what can she do? She’s tiny, that’s a dangerous job. The answer is found in the question itself. Yes, she is tiny, so while she cannot restrain a 400 pound guy, yet she is the only one on the team small enough to crawl thru small spaces during car accidents or other places to provide medical assistance.

4) They are great at cheering our successes.

In many ways, your journey is shared by your coach with their ability to participate and partner through the rough times and be our biggest cheerleader.

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