It has been my pleasure to work with Robin La-Brie Jackson over the last 8 years. She acted in the capacity of financial advisor, provided my company with bookkeeping services and has also handled our human relations matters.

I have been relying on her professionalism to help my company. She is a wiz at Quickbooks and can help handle employees and vendors with precision.


Ms. E. Harrop

Mira & Associates worked with us at Merge Technologies Inc. in a business consulting capacity. In working with Robin, not only did she help as owners take advantage of every possible opportunity for our company, she also became a life long trusted friend and advisor.

The corporation which was set to close within 3 months of us as owners inheriting the business, stayed open for an additional 6 years and was only closed when we as owners decided to sell the company.

The Mira team and Robin La-Brie Jackson are an amazing group of people to work with and we would recommend them to any business or professional looking for business consulting or professional coaching.

Marie Mariolle
President- Merge Technologies Group 1998-2003